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Configuration and customization of services

vFlotte is a highly configurable vehicle monitoring and monitoring service. It offers the possibility to activate additional modules with useful and appropriate features, able to meet specific needs of your particular sector of activity.

The Monthly Fee means a device. All amounts are VAT excluded.

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Accessories only in purchase

Amounts are per device and VAT excluded.

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Card reader

  • Driver identification badge reader
Price S M L
29 €

Identifier card

  • Additional driver identification badge
Price S M L
0,90 €

Temperature probe

  • Dallas probe for temperature monitoring
Price S M L
15 €

Fuel probe

  • Capacitive probe for monitoring the level of fuel in the tank
Price S M L
150 €

CAN Bus Interface

  • CAN Bus data decoder for GPS/GSM Locator
Price S M L
78 €

FMS Interface

  • General purpose FMS Interface for Vehicles without OEM FMS Gateway
Price S M L
179 €

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VIS Srl is a company that has been operating on the market for over 15 years, founded by technicians with proven experience in the Telecommunications, Automotive and Fleet Management sectors. We develop services according to customer needs to give value to large, medium and small businesses


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