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vFlotte LARGE profile

Device at 180,00 and Service at 19,90 €/month

GPS / GPRS Tracker and LARGE Control System

  • GPS / GSM Locator in Purchase
  • SIM and data traffic included
  • Vehicle control software via WEB with dedicated profile
  • Subscription without time constraints
  • Location on Smartphone


  • Management application via WEB (no software to install), always updated and accessible from any personal computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the internet
  • Access through a reserved password
  • Multi User with different profiles for enabling and managing Groups or Sub-Groups
  • Miniature Vehicle with Make, Model and Color
  • Vehicle status recognition: Panel Off, Panel On, Moving with direction of travel
  • Update position at each turn (change of direction 40 °) or every 3 minutes if you proceed straight
vFlotte LARGE - Multimap
  • Vehicle location on Smartphone
  • Historic positions and travel report with evidence of the kilometers traveled, journey times, stop and stop, average and maximum speed. Map on Map
  • Graphs Productivity and table Mileage costs per trip / day
  • Monthly-Daily Report of the kilometers traveled, journey and stop times, average and maximum speeds
  • Automatic Alert Management:
    Excessive stopping times, movement outside working hours, exceeding speed limits, proximity to national borders, vehicle maintenance, administrative deadlines and more ...
  • Points of Interest (POIs), management positions of customers, suppliers or particular locations. Recognition stop at POI
  • Search Address or POI on map and display of the nearest vehicles with indication of the best route to take
  • Travel detail with reconstruction of the exact route taken. Detailed route on the map
  • Printable reports online and exportable in PDF, XLS or CSV
  • Message exchange (SMS) with drivers or technicians
  • Automatic deadlines for dates or km set (stamp, insurance, coupons, tires, etc.)
vFlotte LARGE - Activity Graphs
  • Accessories: modules and optional features to meet the needs of your specific activity
  • CAN Bus data processing: tank level, fuel consumption, km and engine revolutions (depending on vehicle model data availability)
  • Event report: analogue sensors and / or ON / OFF contacts can be connected to the device to signal certain events (eg activation of power take-offs, exceeding load temperature limits, loading door opening, trailer release, and others that can be made according to user needs)
  • Exportable activity reports in EXCEL or CSV format
  • Support and training for users
  • Ability to "customize" the service according to your specific needs

Accessories and Optional Modules

vFlotte LARGE offers optional modules and accessories that, depending on your needs, transform the service into the specific solution for your business:

Remote ignition lock / unlock

Sending command of Blocking / Unlocking start-up from WEB Software or Smartphone to GPS tracker

SOS emergency button

Button for emergency signaling or rescue request

Driver recognition

Identification by means of code key and, optionally, start-up lock in case of unauthorized driver

GARMIN navigator

Sending addresses and missions from WEB Application directly to the on-board Navigator, monitoring the status of the trip, sending and receiving messages

Turns and Appointments Optimization

Management of the programming services with cartographic support. Path optimization and progress monitoring


GPS / GSM locator 180 € + VAT per vehicle. Includes CAN-Bus Interface
Monthly subscription for only € 19,90 + VAT per month per vehicle (*)
Contract bound no
Activation free
WEB access unlimited
SIM Card included in the subscription
SIM data traffic Coverage EU: included in the subscription
WORLDWIDE: € 3,00 + VAT per month per vehicle
Helpline included in the subscription
Installation excluded. The installation of the equipment is the responsibility of the customer and can be easily performed by any trusted car electrician

(*) The amount depends on the configuration and accessories required at the time of subscription.

Subscription to the subscription does not include any time limit, the withdrawal from the contract you decide!

Prices per volumes

GPS/GSM/CANBus KIT volumes
From 1 to 9 From 10 to 19 From 20 to 49 Over 50
LARGE € 180 € 176 € 168 € 158

Prices per volumes and 12, 24 or 36 months advance payment

From 1 to 9 From 10 to 19 From 20 to 49 Over 50
LARGE € 24,90 € 23,90 € 22,90 € 21,90
LARGE12 € 18,90 € 17,90 € 16,90 € 15,90
LARGE24 € 18,90 € 18,00 € 17,10 € 16,30
LARGE36 € 15,90 € 15,20 € 14,40 € 13,60

Cost Reduction

No fraudulent use of the vehicle, optimization of routes, reduction of maintenance costs, discounts on the insurance policy, exact reconstruction of the route


Automatic data update in real time without the need for any localization request by an operator. Automatic search means closer to point of interest (customer, supplier, etc.) or address. Display position on the move from a smartphone or tablet.

Greater efficiency

Positions, routes, times and kilometers, daily and monthly travel reports, instant messages to the driver's mobile phone, scheduling missions , graphical reports of immediate reading for power take-offs / contacts and activities.

Certification of travel times and stops

Place of departure and arrival, journey times, stop times, stop times (vehicle stopped with engine running), average and maximum speed traveled kilometers, door opening monitoring, power take-offs, automatic driver identification, management of vehicle assignments to drivers, privacy filter

Purchase procedure

  1. Send on-line Order
  2. Fill in all the forms you received at the e-mail address you indicated
  3. Once VIS has completed the verification of the received documents and payment, the VIS staff will:
    • Notify the correct reception of documents
    • Send the devices as soon as possible
    • Activate, at the time of sending the devices, the account for web access to the service

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