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Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Service

GPS-GLONASS / GSM Satellite Locator

A GPS-GLONASS / GSM satellite locator is installed on the vehicle which, once activated, sends the data, independently via GPRS, to the VIS Collection Center. VIS satellite trackers are simple to install. You can install them yourself or contact your trusted electrician and they will be working on your vehicles in a short time. The activation procedure involves the testing of the installation which consists in a test of correct operation of the apparatus. The installer must fill in the report (document that shows the vehicle data and certifies the testing of the locator) and send it by e-mail, or by fax, according to the instructions of the manual.

Data processing

The VIS Data Collection and Processing Center processes the received messages in real time, using the cartographic data; it stores the information obtained and makes it immediately available to the customer.

Internet - WEB Application

Once the equipment is installed you can access the Internet Management Console of your fleet from our web portal. The access is through username and password in protected mode through SSL VIS certificate. The application is fast, easy and intuitive. Through our portal you will have access from any PC, or from a mobile phone, without the need for any software, to all the data on your vehicles. You can choose between different standard profiles or between different profiles designed specifically for specific sectors of activity. You can also customize the service profile by selecting among the many additional features.

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Accessories and Optional Modules

The system can be expanded with accessory components and / or option modules. Thanks to the Accessories it is possible to expand the information on the Vehicle, or interact with the driver, with the optional Modules (software functionality of the service) it is possible to increase the monitoring and reporting tools of the WEB Application.

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Short demo of the Service

Some of the distinctive features of the service platform

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Google Business Maps
  • Reports on multiple vehicles simultaneously. Interactive and Printable
  • Interactive and printable graphics
  • Modular: buy only the features you need
  • Summary reports and detail

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VIS Srl is a company that has been operating on the market for over 15 years, founded by technicians with proven experience in the Telecommunications, Automotive and Fleet Management sectors. We develop services according to customer needs to give value to large, medium and small businesses


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