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Remote ignition lock / unlock

The vFlotte service offers the possibility to increase the safety on your vehicles

From the WEB interface or from your Smartphone it is possible to send motor ignition lock / unlock commands to the device.

SOS emergency button

Button for emergency signaling or rescue request.

When the button on the vehicle is pressed, a rescue request will be displayed on the WEB Application. Optionally, alarms can be forwarded via SMS or e-mail

Exact path reconstruction

Special configuration of the GPS tracker for tracking every turn or change of direction of at least 40 °

In an urban environment, it is possible to reconstruct the exact sequence of roads traveled, since a Position is generated at each roundabout, bifurcation, junction, turn or turn. If you proceed in a straight line (for example on the motorway), the update is triggered every 3 minutes.

Speed ​​Certification

Recording of the maximum speed reached in each stretch of road

Each registered position contains both the instantaneous speed (the one at the time of detection) and the maximum speed reached since the last sending. It allows you to check if the speed limits of each road traveled have been violated.

POI Management (Points of Interest)

Management of the position of customers, suppliers or particular locations. Recognition stop at POI.

If a vehicle stops in the vicinity of a POI, the latter will be associated with the trip and displayed on the travel list, considerably increasing its legibility.

In the Map view you can view POIs in the area or look for a specific one.

Search on the Map of the vehicle closest to the POI and indication of the best route with time and distance on arrival.

Travel Report

Daily Travel Report. Time of departure / arrival, stop address, journey time, parking and stop, km traveled, average and maximum speed.

Daily report of the activity of one or more vehicles at the same time. You can also select several days.

Report on a day basis:

  • Time of departure / arrival
  • Stop address
  • Travel, stop and stop times
  • km traveled
  • Average and maximum speed
  • Single trip detail with time, position and speed
  • Single journey track or full day on the map

Printable and exportable data

Monthly-Daily Report

Report on a monthly or daily basis of the kilometers covered, journey and stop times, average and maximum speeds, consumption and costs.

Monthly summary of the activity of one or more vehicles at the same time. You can also select several months or a range of days.

Report on both a month and a day basis:

  • Travel, stop and stop times
  • km traveled
  • Estimated fuel consumption (based on "km per liter" parameter assigned to the vehicle)
  • Average and maximum speed
  • Estimated costs (based on "kilometer cost" parameter assigned to the vehicle)

Printable and exportable data

Temperature monitoring

Control through appropriate environmental temperature probes

Allows certification of the temperature during transport, informing in real time if it departs from pre-established intervals


  • Management of up to 5 probes simultaneously
  • Monitoring with the engine on or off
  • Historical positions with track and temperature detected
  • Automatic alerts when exiting pre-established values

Printable and exportable data

Fuel Control

Monitoring of the fuel level in the tank: Recognition of where and when fuel was refueled or subtracted

With this module it is possible to monitor the fuel level in the vehicle tank.

The WEB application reproduces the graph of the progress of the tank and a specific report shows when and where it was refueled or fuel was subtracted.

Fuel Control can be done in 3 ways (in order of precision):

  • Installation of a fuel probe
  • Reading data from the CAN bus using the appropriate interface (CAN Bus or FMS interface)
  • Direct connection to the tank float

CAN BUS data processing

Interface with the CAN BUS of the vehicle for reading km, speed, consumption, engine performance and more

Controller Area Network (CAN or CAN-Bus) is a network and bus standard protocol designed to allow communication between control units.

CAN Bus Vehicle Data

The availability of parameters depends on model to vehicle model. Typically they are available:

  • Fuel level
  • Fuel consumption
  • Total distance traveled
  • Engine revolutions
  • Speed
  • Accelerator pedal position

CAN Bus FMS data

For heavy vehicles there is the FMS standard created by the most important manufacturers. It can be requested as an option during the vehicle purchase phase or later enabled. Typically they are available:

  • Fuel level
  • Fuel consumption
  • Total distance traveled
  • Brake status
  • Speed
  • Driving style (engine speed, braking)

CAN Bus Special Vehicles Data

For earth moving vehicles, construction machinery or generally "engines", vFLotte provides an FMS interface for reading elementary data such as:

  • Engine work hours
  • Engine revolutions
  • Engine temperature
  • Fuel consumption

Driver Recognition

Identification by code key and starting block if not authorized

Through the use of a key reader module or badge it is possible to activate the Driver Recognition feature: each authorized driver has a unique identification key. Approaching the tag (key or badge) to the reader a "beep" will signal that the code has been read. The Code is sent to the Server to assign the use of the Vehicle to the driver associated with the code.

There are 2 modes of connection / operation:


In this mode the system records only the presences and assigns Vehicle and Travel to the operator who has stamped.

Authorized starting

In this mode it is possible to send, from WEB application, the list of drivers (codes) enabled to use the vehicle. If the driver's code is NOT enabled, the device will NOT give consent to the engine start-up (requires appropriate installation of a blocking relay).

Management of notifications and alarms

The vFlotte service offers the possibility to automatically send alerts ("alert") when specific situations occur

The notification, in addition to the WEB console, can be sent via e-mail and / or SMS to several recipients.

Reportable events

  • Theft Alarm
  • SOS alarm
  • Excessive stop
  • Speed ​​limit exceeded
  • Exceeding daily km threshold
  • Exit national borders
  • Entry / exit of predetermined areas
  • Ignition off working hours
  • Vehicle battery disconnection
  • Stamp deadline and insurance
  • Coupons


Management of activity planning with cartographic support. Path optimization and monitoring

With this Module it is possible to activate the activity programming management with cartographic support. All through the internet, no software to buy and install. By sending the daily list of programmed activities to the system, with destinations recognized as POIs (Points of Interest), from the interface it is possible to order the sequence to reduce the cost in terms of time and distance to be covered.

The Module can be used in Planner mode to optimize technical or commercial appointments, or in Optimization Mode for Couriers or attempted sales services.

It also allows real-time monitoring of missions and provides a final report by comparing "scheduled" with "executed". The sending of the programming to the system can be done through export of data, in a suitable CSV format, from its own management system, or through web services or a specific web interface.

Optionally it is possible to integrate Navigators to which to send messages and the list of programmed destinations.


Activity analysis of heavy vehicles with on / off framework intervals, driving / pause, daily and biweekly driving time. Virtual chronotachograph

With this module it is possible to activate the visualization both in graphic form (colored bars) and in tabular form, of the data related to the activity of the vehicles, intervals to the framework-on / framework-off, and the driver's data, driving times / break, daily and biweekly driving time. It is also possible to view the graph of the speed detected (tachograph).


Contact management - where and when - switches, lights, power take-offs, hatches, etc. are activated

With this module it is possible to activate the visualization both in graphic form (colored bars) and in tabular form, of the data related to the various inputs connected to the control unit, such as light switches, flashing lights, sirens, power take-offs, doors, etc.
The form shows the time, place and map of each event.

Privacy Filter

Filter positions outside working hours. Confidentiality for companies that have vehicles for mixed use

With this module it is possible to enable a "privacy filter" for vehicles with "promiscuous" use. A "driver" user profile has access to all data while a "fleet administrator" user profile has access to the filtered data: outside the agreed working hours, and in the case of holidays, holidays and permits, it is not possible to see the vehicle position.
In the reports the positions are obscured while you can view the kilometers traveled in the monthly report.

Tachograph data download

Connection to the on-board digital tachograph for vehicle data and driver cards

By connecting the vFlotte terminal to the Tachograph it will be possible to activate the data download via WEB. In automatic mode the system will transfer the files to the vFlotte app for downloading them conveniently from the office, or receive them via e-mail.

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