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Why, Strengths and Economic Savings

Why choose vFlotte

  1. vFlotte is a highly professional fleet control and monitoring system. Configurable for Large, Medium and Small Fleets. Customizable according to the specific needs of customers
  2. The quality of our services platform and the professionalism of our staff are witnessed by the hundreds of customers who have made vFlotte an indispensable work tool
  3. No customer has left us yet for dissatisfaction or for better solutions. Who tried it stays with us
  4. We combine configurability of the system (functionality and reporting according to the sector of activity, personalization) with flexibility of the economic offer (possibility of purchase or loan of the equipment, no contractual obligation)
  5. Clear prices without hidden costs and maximum market competitiveness
  6. The services grow with the customers: we develop the functionalities with the collaboration of those who tell us their needs or send us their suggestions, carefully evaluating the requests and listening to all
  7. We constantly update our technologies following the top of technical innovation. We integrate different equipment and accessories to meet the different needs and specific services
  8. Our technical support is always available, with quick and comprehensive answers



vFlotte is an application designed to be "intuitive" and fast. Information is easily accessible and with a few "clicks"


Through appropriate "user profiles" you can enable / disable functions, commands, reports and views.


Ability to customize the application according to customer needs by making appropriate features and specific reports.

Route reconstruction

Most fleet management solutions adopt a position recording system based on time and space intervals. This configuration does not allow the reconstruction of the exact sequence of roads traveled, particularly in urban areas.

Fig 1. Classic path

The system used by vFlotte, on the other hand, allows the precise reconstruction of the route taken using the vehicle's changes in direction: if the vehicle is moving in a straight line, the position is sent in time or distance; if the vehicle makes turns, the interval for sending positions can be up to 5 seconds! The following image shows the same path as in fig.1

Fig 2. Path with vFlotte

The detail shows even more clearly the precision of the vFlotte solution

Fig 3. Route detail with vFlotte system

Thematic maps

The vFlotte application uses multiple map objects, allowing the exploitation of the cartographic support in an optimal manner for various types of reports. You can view an interactive map of vehicle position detail while viewing the general fleet map. Travel reports and trip details display the respective information, vehicle locations and POIs, on dedicated maps.

Fig 4. Thematic maps

Fleet and detail reports

"Relationships are the tool through which the user evaluates the activity of his fleet and makes the appropriate decisions to bring about efficiency and cost reduction". With this in mind, it is essential to offer a level of synthesis: a comparative report, also in graphic form, on all vehicles and on several days of activity. In case of in-depth investigation, the detail on the vehicle's activity offers all the information necessary for the analysis.

Fig 5. Productivity ratio

Economic saving

The benefits of using vFlotte are calculable

Knowing that there is a monitoring system in the vehicle, it changes the behavior of your employees, greatly reducing the misuse of the vehicle.

We have found, among our customers, a benefit that varies from 3% to 5% of the monthly costs.

The possibility to analyze routes, times and distances allows you to adopt more efficient alternative solutions: change route to cover less distances; optimization of dwell times.

Very important is also the time saved to produce your reports: km and driving times daily, weekly, twice weekly and monthly. Thanks to the customizations available on vFlotte you can produce your specific report with a single "click".

Greater savings and more profit

If you also use the V-Planning module, your savings will double. Thanks to the planning of the "stages" of the day, using the calculation of the best route, and monitoring the execution times of the activities, in addition to reducing costs you will get an increase in profits.

With V-Planning the benefit found by our customers comes up to 12% of monthly costs.

Try to simulate your daily savings

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